Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Moscow in Sketches

Hi, folks!

Haven't been blogging for long, though I still spend a lot of time in the Internet and I wish I did less.
Here's my travelbook from my short stay in Moscow.
These 2 days were really very full of events and nice moments. Visiting art museums and seeing the pictures you know by reproductions in art books is fantastic.

The amount of beauty I saw was overwhelming. Everything was beautiful, from streets, parks, cathedrals, the Kremlin, to antique statues at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

And of course after walking the whole day long my legs were totally tired. So while sitting on a bench and having a short break I took out of my bag this travelbook and drew what was around me at the moment.

At the end I shared some thoughts about the trip not to forget it too soon and piled all the memorable stuff like museum tickets, metro cards and what not. It will be nice to look them through when I'm 64 :)

Soon summer will be in  full swing, so hope you're having a good time!

With love,


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