Friday, 25 March 2011

Fun with Potatoes

We have such a strange weather! It's the end of March, but it looks like the beginning of December!
Well, it's not the reason to fret, because the sun is shining brightly :)
Quite long ago I read that stamps can be carved out of potatoes, though they wouldn't be long-lived. Today I tried this and it was really fun! If you like stamps carving I suggest trying :)
Have a nice mood & excellent weekend.

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  1. Ann, not long ago I've added "Translate my blog" widget, so you can translate it to your language. It's in the upper left corner, above my Flickr photos. It isn't perfect, but mayby you can use it to read my blog :)

    I remember potatoe stamps from kindergarten, but they weren't as nice as yours here :)

    Have a nice day!